EPA is a network of independent paper and board mill agents selling over 600,000 tonnes within the European Community.

SIX agents in France, United Kingdom, Italy, the Benelux, Germany and Spain decided to share experience of their individual markets so as to offer a sales and marketing network to paper and board mills wishing to sell in the widely differing markets of Europe.

These agents are:

We live today in a constantly changing environment with new customer and supplier expectations. We have to adapt to political and economic developments and to respond to intensified worldwide competition. Furthermore we all need to keep abreast of technological innovations, taking the limited means and resources into consideration, to meet the demand of higher quality with less expense. In essence to become more efficent. By pooling our resources and know-how we can offer you an efficient and effective sales and marketing team.

On the one hand there is globalisation of the markets, on the other hand countries more and more want their own outlook and culture to be respected and understood. Who knows this better than native speaking professionals with long term and trustworthy business relationships.

More and more global pulp and paper mills want to launch or expand existing products within EU. Why not profit from the knowledge, experience and personal contacts of specialists who are well known and appreciated in the market?

And also for buyers; why not benefit from the overview of professionals who have contacts in many countries around the world. So let us simplify "going European" by offering you Europe wide business solutions, thus saving you money and time.