The members of EPA have a vast experience of selling almost every kind of paper and board product. By pooling this knowledge you have immediate access to an active sales force in the main European markets with no setup costs on your mill. As we then work on commission you have no on going fixed overheads. Responsible marketing is our strength. We are always guided by our principal's own sales policy and will help you establish the profile and target market that you desire. With our intimate knowledge of the individual markets we are in the right place to arrange your local transport, warehousing and promotional needs and carry out invoicing and other logistical help where necessary.


In today's global market you need to know what products and services are available from around the world. By pooling its resources EPA has access to mills worldwide. We can bring this perspective to your purchasing needs.


As a member of EPA you will be part of an expanding network of independent agents across Europe. this will increase your own profile and attractiveness with your existing mills and give you potential introductions to the mills represented by current members of EPA. EPA as a whole will become ever more interesting to overseas mills not already selling in Europe.